EV HEV NVH testing solutions

EOMYS provides complete consulting services specialized to solve EV/HEV NVH issues, combining experimental tests and numerical simulations to characterize noise and vibrations due magnetic forces.

EV HEV NVH testing

Based on its expertise of noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces, EOMYS provides testing services to troubleshoot EV HEV NVH issues occuring in electric powertrains. These special tests include run-ups and spectrograms, Order Tracking Analysis, Operational Deflection Shape analysis, Experimental Modal Analysis and Sound Quality analysis. Additional tests to quantify geometrical, electrical and magnetic asymmetries may include

  • phase current / resistance / inductance measurements (current unbalance)
  • stator bore radius measurements (non uniform airgap)
  • rotor balancing, static & dynamic eccentricity levels (direct mechanical measurement or indirect electrical measurements)
  • IPMSM rotor magnetization along axial and circumferential directions (non uniform magnetization)

EOMYS combination of electrical engineering and vibro-acoustic skills allows to find the root cause of EV HEV NVH issues.

EV HEV NVH test post-processing

For electric vehicle automotive applications, EOMYS developed special testing methods and post-processing to quickly identify the root cause of e-NVH issues. Some of these visualization tools, such as spatiograms and markers for magnetic force wavenumbers, have been implemented in Manatee software. This way, EOMYS can troubleshoot more efficiently EV HEV NVH issues.

Spatiograms allow to more quickly identify the root cause of noise and vibrations by identifying magnetic force wavenumbers involved in EV HEV NVH.

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