Scientific software development

EOMYS R&D engineers have strong skills in software development and IT project management. Combined with their skills in applied physics, applied mathematics and scientific computing, this enables them to implement and validate robust, easy to maintain and optimized scientific applications (e.g. development of MANATEE software).

EOMYS added value is to start directly from some scientific publications (description of physical equations or mathematical models) to deliver a numerical simulation environment (including post-processing tools and Human to Computer Interface if required). EOMYS can also customize open-source software to specific industrial simulation workflows, or translate scientific codes from one language to another.

The development of scientific software includes the following tasks:
- State of the art of simulation models
- Writing of technical and functional specifications
- Design of an evolutive software architecture
- Code writing for core calculations including unit-tests
- Design of user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) to define simulation models and post-process the results
- Code writing of the GUI
- Computation time optimization (algorithm, multi-threading...)
- Creation of validation cases
- Writing documentation
- Training on the simulation environment

Each of these task can be ordered separately according to your needs. Please use the contact page to request a quote.

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