Advanced experimental measurements

Besides its modeling and simulation activities, EOMYS can run some experimental measurements. These tests can be carried for pre-certification purpose (e.g. IEC 60034-2-1), or for investigation purpose, for instance to validate some models or improve our understanding of some physical phenomena.

In particuliar, EOMYS can do the following measurements in terms of
-  vibro-acoustics: acceleration, acoustic pressure and power
- electromagnetics: current, voltage, electrical and magnetic field intensity
- heat transfer: temperature, flow rate, fluid speed, static and dynamic pressure

Vibroacoustic post processing include transfer path analysis, run-ups, order tracking analysis, spectrograms and sonagrams, operational and experimental modal analysis, operational deflection shapes.

EOMYS test equipment includes:

  • a 16-channel Dynamic Signal Analysis acquisition system (SIRIUS) with Dewesoft software
  • three-axis or mono-axis piezoelectric accelerometers (Bruel and Kjaer), including miniature accelerometers
  • voltage and amperemeter clamps (Chauvin et Arnoux)
  • free-field microphones (PCB)
  • electrodynamic shaker (LDS) and impact hammer (DJB)
  • infrared temperature sensor (Optris) and thermocouples

Measuring activities generally include the following steps:
- design of the test campaign
- instrumentation of the system
- field measurements
- off-line post processing and analysis
- technical reporting including recommendations

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