EOMYS R&D consultancy services allow you to

  1. solve some multiphysics technical problems (e.g. interaction between electromagnetics, heat transfer, and vibro-acoustics);
  2. improve the performance of your design tools and design process (e.g. scientific software development, implementation of new models, development of advanced engineering design interfaces);
  3. further understand your system behavior (e.g. numerical simulation, advanced post-processing of experimental data, high-level technical trainings);
  4. optimize your product or process (e.g. coupling of techno-economic models with multiobjective optimization tools);
  5. develop innovative system architectures (technical state of the art, ideation, concept evaluation and validation).

Before the concept development stage, EOMYS therefore provides applied research services which can be efficiently run on the ground of EOMYS research experience, high level of expertise, strong teamwork and academic network. These activities can be structured through a research consortium / joint development project, whereas the results of EOMYS internal research can lead to licensing agreements.

During and after the concept development stage, EOMYS offers short-term engineering consultancy services that can include analytical and numerical modelling activities, scientific software development and experimental measurements.

EOMYS has therefore the advantage to be a single point through which a whole R&D project can be run, from mathematical modelling to software development through experimental tests and numerical simulation.

A more detailed presentation of EOMYS ENGINEERING services can be found here:

EOMYS Outsourced research & development services

You can use the contact webpage for additional information or a quotation request.

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