E-NVH technical training, Lille (FR), 2-5 April 2019

EOMYS organizes a 3-day technical training on acoustic noise and vibrations due to electromagnetic forces in electrical machines in EOMYS office (Lille, France, 1 hour from Paris) on 2nd, 3th, and 4th of April 2019. As an option, a fourth training day on MANATEE e-NVH simulation software is proposed on 5th April 2019.

This technical training is made for both electrical engineers who want to tackle noise issues in early electromagnetic design stage, and NVH test engineers who want to understand better the physics of e-NVH and learn how to analyze NVH test data for noise troubleshooting. This means that the training includes an introduction on the basic working principles of electrical machines, as well as on sound and vibration fundamentals.

The training focuses on rotating electrical machines used in EV/HEV automotive applications. The training is held in English and the slides are in English. More information (cost, detailed agenda, accessibility) can be found in the following document:

Technical training on e-NVH in EOMYS office, 2-3-4-5 April 2019
Technical training on e-NVH in EOMYS office, 2-3-4-5 April 2019

Contrary to previous trainings, this session is limited to 12 persons. Online registration form is available here:

Question you want to be addressed during the training

The registration is finalized once the bank transfer is effective (see IBAN below) or once the official Purchase Order Request is received (30 days end of month) at training(at)e-nvh.com

EOMYS bank account details:

IBAN: FR76 3002 7171 0700 0208 1500 112


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