Validation objective
Topology Squirrel Cage Induction Machine (SCIM)
Model Types Analytical electrical equivalent circuit EL.SCIM
Analytical electromagnetic model EM1.SCIM
Analytical structural model SM1
Analytical acoustic model AC1
Quantities Maximum sound power level during run-up (SWL)
Geometry NA
Winding NA

This project aims at validating the equivalent circuit calculation on induction machines by comparison with experiments.


The geometry of SCIM_009 is confidential, it is a large squirrel cage induction machine with rotor axial ventilation ducts.


Magnetization curve of an induction machine (experimental vs MANATEE)
Magnetization curve of an induction machine (experimental vs MANATEE)

The voltage is linearly increased at no-load the curve phase current as a function of line voltage is plotted. The magnetizing curve is correctly calculated by MANATEE, and more especially the magnetization inductance and saturation factor.

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