Validation objective
Topology SPMSM
Models Permeance / mmf electromagnetic model EM1.SPMSM
Electromagnetic subdomain model EM2.SPMSM
Electromagnetic linear magnetostatic FEM EM3.PMSM
Outputs Radial airgap flux
Geometry Skew
Winding Single layer overlapping integral distributed winding


The machine is the one from the tutorial: machine_SPMSM_A

30. Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine
Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine


This validation case compares the radial airgap flux computed by the three magnetic models of MANATEE (permeance/mmf, subdomain, FEMM) for skewed machines for the 2 skew computation methods:

  • type_skew=1: average flux along axial direction
  • type_skew=2: full 3D flux density

3 machines are used, one with no skew, one with a skewed stator and one with a skewed rotor. One can see that all results are consistent.

type_skew = 1 validation
type_skew = 1 validation
type_skew = 2 validation
type_skew = 2 validation
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