Rotor Setup

Rotor Core Geometry

Core parameters
DescriptionValueMANATEE parameter
Rotor back yoke diameter
(shaft diameter)
18 mm Input.Geometry.Dry = 18e-3
Rotor external diameter 104 mm
Rotor length (without airducts) 165 mm Input.Geometry.Lst2 = 165e-3

The magnet shape is selected following MANATEE surface magnet schematics as :

Input.Geometry.type_shape_magnet = 11;
Magnet Parameters
DescriptionValueMANATEE Parameter
Magnet type Polar Input.Geometry.type_shape_magnet = 11
Magnet height 2.45 mm Input.Geometry.Hmag = 2.45e-3
Magnet angular width 2*pi/6 rad Input.Geometry.Wmag = 2*pi/6

Ventilation ducts

The lamination has no radial ventilation ducts as Input.Thermics.Nrvdr = 0 and no axial ones as Input.Thermics.Navds = [0];

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