Variable-speed voltage-driven no-load PWM vibro-acoustic simulation with permeance / mmf model

A new project is set-up in tuto2_test_proj07 by copy/paste tuto2_test_proj06.

The following parameters are modified for variable speed operation

Input.Simu.is_varspeed = 1;
Input.Simu.Nspeeds= 100;
Input.Simu.type_control = 1;

The last parameter specifies how the voltage is varied during variable speed: here, it linearly increases with speed until the field weakening speed above which it is constant.

With the GUI, all these parameters are gathered in Workflow/Variable Speed:

130. Variable speed simulation setup with the GUI (constant flux)
Variable speed simulation setup with the GUI (constant flux)

You need to select "variable speed simulation" to enter the control law. The corresponding one is "Constant flux curve". You can leave the default values for EFmax and Umax.

Result Interpretation

The simulation time is now longer.
The variable speed sonogram can be displayed with plot_VS_ASPL_sonagram

Variable speed sonogram
Variable speed sonogram

One can see the “V-shape” of acoustic lines characteristic of PWM effects, while the other acoustic noise lines (e.g. slotting, saturation) due to fundamental current go through the origin.

To check the control law that has been applied during the run-up one can plot the fundamental phase voltage and current with

>> plot_VS_var('U0rms')
>> plot_VS_var('I10rms')
Evolution of I10rms
Evolution of I10rms
Evolution of U0rms
Evolution of U0rms
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