Single-speed current-driven no-load sinusoidal vibro-acoustic simulation with permeance / mmf model

A new project is set-up in tuto_test_SCIM_13 by copy/paste tuto_test_SCIM_01 (or by loading it with the GUI).
The following parameters are modified in order to impose the phase current instead of imposing the phase voltage:

Input.Simu.I0 = 2*53.09;
Input.Simu.type_extsupply = 1;

With the GUI, Open the Worflow group and change Input from "Voltage (sinusoidal)" to "Current (sinusoidal)" and set I0 to 106.18.

120. GUI workflow setup
GUI workflow setup

The double of the no-load phase current is here imposed.

At the end of the simulation one can check in MANATEE text output that the phase current is the one that was imposed. Alternatively one can also type :

>> run_MANATEE('tuto_test_SCIM_13')
>> Output.Electrical.I10rms

The phase current has been doubled compared to the first project. As the no-load acoustic noise due to Maxwell forces is proportional to 40log10(I2/I1), doubling the phase current should result in a 12 dB increase ; one can check that it is exactly the case (plot_VS_ASPL_overall)

A-weighted variable speed sound pressure level
A-weighted variable speed sound pressure level

Note that the current-driven simulation cannot be used at partial load, because the rotor currents cannot be deduced from the stator currents yet in MANATEE. A positive slip can be specified but MANATEE does not calculate the resulting rotor mmf. However, by experience, the rotor mmf harmonics do not generate new resonances as low slip value.

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