Electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic simulation of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (Prius case)

This tutorial shows how to use MANATEE® software to simulate the electromagnetic and vibro-acoustic behaviour of the PRIUS 2004 machine under Maxwell forces during electromagnetic pre-sizing phase or detailed structural design phase. The PRIUS 2004 is an inner rotor, three-phase, radial flux, 48-slot / 8-pole (4 pole pairs) interior magnet permanent synchronous machine.

All the results can be compared to the following reference where fully numerical tools are used, resulting in much higher computational time compared to MANATEE:

This tutorial can be used with the demonstration version or with a full version of MANATEE software.

Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (Prius 2004, automotive application)
Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (Prius 2004, automotive application)

All the results presented in this tutorial are carried using MANATEE v1.06.03.

Any MANATEE simulation is based on the definition of two objects: one for the simulation and one for the machine. These objects can be defined using Matlab scripts or using MANATEE GUI, so this tutorial demonstrates both methods.

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with MANATEE GUI or with Matlab environment, and that MANATEE has been correctly installed.

All the machine and simulation data file presented in this tutorial are available in the folders MachineData/Demo and Projects/Demo/tuto_IPMSM. The script names are (for instance) machine_IPMSM_A.m and tuto_IPMSM_01.m. You should not use the same names when doing the tutorial by yourself, otherwise some conflicts may occur between your own tutorial scripts and the reference tutorial scripts. It is therefore recommended to use your own names such as test_tuto_IPMSM_01.m.

Note that most of the scripts are simplified as each new simulation case represents a variation of the first simulation and machine objects. These "simplified scripts" only contain the parameters used in that tutorial case, and therefore you can’t load them with MANATEE GUI. The only project you can load with MANATEE GUI is tuto_IPMSM_01 which is the reference project for all the tutorial.

This IPMSM tutorial is split is several parts, you can use the following table of contents to navigate through them, or start with the first part and use the "Next" button at the bottom of every article.