Radiation factor (plot_radfact)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_radfact
Module AC.pp
Description PLOT_RADFACT plots the radiation factor


The link between the vibration level (which could be plotted using plot_Vr_fft) and the acoustic noise is the radiation factor. In order to estimate it, three acoustic-source model could be formulated: the spherical model, the cylindrical model and the plane-radiator model. According to Timar and Lai, if the machine’s length-to-diameter ratio is between 0.5 and 2, the spherical model is appropriate, whereas the spherical model is used only for machines having an aspect ratio approaching unity.


Radiation factor
Radiation factor

MANATEE allows to visualize the radiation acoustic factor. It is too often put at 1 on the whole range of frequencies in some studies but it is actually higly depedent of frequencies, especially low ones as it could be seen on the figure. The radiation factor is then used to compute the acoustic A-weighted Sound Pressure Level (SPL) that could be plotted with plot_ASPL_fft

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