Order analysis (plot_VS_ASWL_order_analysis)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_VS_ASWL_order_analysis
Module VS.pp
Description PLOT_VS_ASWL_ORDER_ANALYSIS makes an order analysis of A weighted sound power level at variable speed
Restrictions Faults (e.g. eccentricities) are not handled in analytical expression of orders
See also plot_VS_ASWL_modal_cont


The order tracking post processing tool allows to isolate the effect of different orders (harmonic excitations that are multiples of the electrical frequency) in noise generation. The most important orders are automatically analyzed by MANATEE software to give the following output:

140. Order Analysis
Order Analysis

The expressions of the magnetic excitations are also automatically labelled both in terms of frequency and wavenumbers with the closest analytical equations, which allows to compare numerical results with theory.

If you need to display more orders (20 for instance), you can set:


For further plot options (e.g. change axis) see How to change plot options.

This type of graph is very useful to identify the main harmonic forces responsible for magnetic noise of electrical machines.

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