A-weighted sound power level sonagram (plot_VS_ASWL_sonagram)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_VS_ASWL_sonagram
Module VS.pp
Description PLOT_VS_ASWL_SONAGRAM draws the A-weighted acoustic noise sound power level sonagram (variable speed SWL spectrum)
See also plot_VS_ASPL_sonagram, plot_VS_ASPL_overall, plot_ASPL_fft


This MANATEE software post processing draws the acoustic noise spectrogram in term of sound power level. It gives the following graph on default simulation project:

A-weighted sound power level sonagram
A-weighted sound power level sonagram

One can see in this example that a strong resonance occurs due to coincidence between a magnetic force excitation of wavenumber r=2 with the ovalization mode of the stator stack (2,0).

Note that you can change some plot options of all default MANATEE post processings (e.g. axis limits, colormaps).

This graph help identifying the acoustic noise resonances occuring during variable speed operation of electrical machines.

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