Plot commands

MANATEE contains more than 120 post-processing and plotting scripts that allow to understand the physics behind electromagnetic, structural mechanics and acoustic simulation results and choose appropriate noise mitigation actions.

Each physical quantity (reluctance, mmf, flux, force, displacement, velocity, acceleration, sound) can be plotted as a function of time, space, with 1D or 2D FFT, including automated labeling of main harmonics and normalization in terms of electrical frequency, mechanical frequency or pole pair number.

At variable speed, sonograms, spectrograms, order tracking and operational deflection shape analysis are available.

Finally, the different sources of harmonics involved in flux density and magnetic force waveforms can be artificially cancelled. All these post processing are reviewed in the article on how to find the root cause of acoustic noise and vibrations.

All the graphical postprocessing functions can be directly called without any argument once the calculation is finished. For instance, the script plot_machine(Input,Output) can be directly called typing plot_machine in the workspace, provided that the Input structure has been initialized using plot_init command.

The complete list of available plot commands is here sorted by module:

Flux (22)