Sensitivity Analysis module (OP.SA)


The Sensitivity Analysis module of MANATEE software can calculate the sensitivity of a response variable with respect to design variables. The analysis also includes the sensitivity to geometrical constraints, and user-defined design constraints.

It can be used to calculate the sensitivity of some design variables to some objectives before launching the optimization process. Optimization algorithms are generally time consuming, it is therefore important to include only the most relevant design variables in the optimization process.

Application to e-NVH

Sensitivity analysis and parameter sweep can also be useful to identify the best design variables to be changed in order to have an influence on a specific response of the model. As an example one can study in MANATEE the influence of the rotor and stator slot opening, skewing angle and yoke height on the sound power level due to electromagnetic excitations.




After sensitivity analysis several post processing are accessible through plot_MS (multi simulation post processing) command lines, such as:


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