Electromagnetic semi-analytical module for surface inset permanent magnet machines (EM2.SIPMSM)

Subdomain semi-analytical model for the prediction of the closed circuit airgap radial & tangential flux density due to surface inset magnets in radial flux PMSM (internal rotor, parallel or radial or Hallbach magnetization) as per A. Rahideh and T. Korakianitis, “Analytical Magnetic Field Calculation of Slotted Brushless Permanent-Magnet Machines With Surface Inset Magnets,” IEEE Trans. Magn., vol. 48, no. 10, pp. 2633–2649, 2012.

The model assumptions are :
- inset permanent magnet inner rotor synchronous machine
- radial edges for magnets and stator slots, and stator slot openings
- cylindrical bottom for magnets and stator slots (fully polar geometry)

The following additional limitations exist in MANATEE v1.01:
- no airgap between magnet and groove (not validated yet)

The module calculates the magnet field with comp_SDMinsetPM script and the armature field using comp_SDMarmature script.

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