VAR.TR Transient variable speed e-NVH calculations

MANATEE software e-NVH Variable Speed Solutions
Sub-module VAR.TR
Function Transient Variable Speed
Validation ALG_044
See also VAR.TR, VAR.MAP


This module of MANATEE software enables e-NVH calculations in time domain with arbitrary rotor position waveform and current waveforms.


The module calls MANATEE models in full transient mode, without assuming that steady state is reached at each speeds. Currents and rotor angle are therefore specified as time waveforms during whole run-up. All variable speed post processing of LAB.VS are then available, performing STFT instead of FFT. It is especially useful when coupling MANATEE to a Simulink control block (CT2.PWM).

Technical details

Contrary to quasi static approach of VS.QS module, all the quantities are here assumed to be always varying and a Short Time Fast Fourier Transform is used.

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