VAR.QS Quasi-static variable speed e-NVH calculations

MANATEE software e-NVH Variable Speed Solutions
Sub-module VAR.QS
Function Quasi Static Variable Speed
Validation NA
See also VAR.TR, VAR.MAP


This module of MANATEE software speeds-up set-up and post processing of variable-speed e-NVH calculations using quasi-static approach.


The modules calls several MANATEE fixed-speed steady state simulations with varying supply based on specified control strategy (e.g. constant flux, torque/speed curve, import of current etc), with the possibility to model non-linear run-ups.

All NVH post processing of WF.BS module are extended to variable speed (overall SPL/SWL as a function of speed, noise and vibration waterfalls or spectrograms, order tracking analysis, variable speed modal participation factors, force / vibration / noise spatiograms, operational deflection shapes).

Technical details

Contrary to transient approach of VS.TR module, all the quantities are here assumed to be in steady state and a Fast Fourier Transform is used. Windowing or anti-aliasing filters can be used to reduce spectral leakage.

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