WF.BS e-NVH basic simulation workflow

MANATEE software e-NVH Simulation Workflows
Sub-module WF.BS
Function e-NVH basic multiphysic simulation workflow with single speed post processing
Tutorials NA
Validation NA
See also WF.DV


This module carries the coupling of electrical, electromagnetic, structural and acoustic models for e-motor vibroacoustic simulation under electromagnetic excitations. Contrary to generic multiphysic numerical software, the user does not have to specify the inputs / outputs of the different models and the time/frequency domains are automatically chosen for each physics.


This module of MANATEE represents basic simulation workflow and post processings for vibroacoustic calculations of electrical machines at single speed. For MANATEE built-in fast electromagnetic models (such as PMMF or SDM, electrical machines must be defined using available geometrical overlays.

Contains more than 120 pre-defined plots (permeance, flux, force, vibration and noise) including FFT in 1D or 2D spaces, and all vibro-acoustic post processing at single speed (A-weighting, third octave analysis, sound power /pressure spectrum and overall levels).

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