MANATEE software specialized in the calculation of noise of electric motors due to electromagnetic excitations is split in several independent modules:

  • e-NVH algorithms: modules to speed-up NVH calculations of electrical machines
  • e-NVH laboratory: modules to loop over MANATEE single speed model and post-process the results (e.g. spectrograms, noise maps, transient calculations)
  • e-NVH mitigation solutions: modules for noise troubleshooting and noise control actions (e.g. skewing, notching, current injection)
  • e-NVH import/export solutions: modules to ease MANATEE interfaces with third party design tools (e.g. import of the flux density, export of magnetic forces)
  • e-NVH models: modules to choose different modelling levels for electrical, magnetic, structural and acoustic calculations
  • e-NVH optimization: modules to carry parameter sweep, multiobjective optimization and multidimensional design space exploration

These modules can also be ordered separately in a given MANATEE license. The following e-NVH models are available in MANATEE:

- Electrical and control modules (EL)
- Electromagnetic modules (EM)
- Structural mechanics modules (SM)
- Acoustic modules (AC)
- Optimization modules (OP)