Acoustic modules (AC1)


The acoustic module AC1 calculates the acoustic noise (sound pressure level and sound power level as a fine band spectrum or third octave analysis) radiated by the electrical machine. The radiation efficiency of the external structure (rotor or stator) is based on a semi-analytical model of an equivalent finite length cylinder. Other semi-analytical models include the radiation efficiency of a pulsating sphere or infinite length cylinder. Depending on the machine dimensions the best model can be automatically chosen.


Contrary to numerical methods like Boundary Element Methods or Finite Element Methods this acoustic model can calculate acoustic noise up to 20 kHz in a fraction of second with good accuracy (see the validation cases of MANATEE, in particular AC_BPMSM_001).

Main scripts

The main script is comp_noise.

Post processings

The spectrograms post processing are part of the variable speed module.