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From Matlab to Python

MANATEE Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been designed under PyQt to make the transition between MANATEE Matlab and Python versions. It is currently a graphical tool to handle more easily machine and project Matlab files rather than editing the scripts "by hand". This GUI is not yet able to run and post-process the results of the simulation, you still need Matlab for this part. The run button on the main page will just open a new Matlab window and execute run_MANATEE on the current simulation project.

Hidden advanced parameters

This GUI is meant to reduce the complexity of the machine and project file input parameters. To achieve that, it focuses on the most significant parameters and hides most of the advanced ones. Therefore, some MANATEE features are not available in the GUI and you will need to edit directly the script (as before) to use them. Of course, the hidden advanced parameters were chosen with care. None of them are needed to run a "normal" simulation and are needed only for some very specific simulation that you may never need to use. If you can’t achieve with the GUI your simulation’s aim, you can contact our support that will highlight the corresponding advanced parameters or add this option to the development schedule if necessary.

Save template

When saving your project or your machine, the files are generated based on the default project default_project.m or machine default_machine.m files. If you load a given file in the GUI, then saving it (even without any modification in the GUI) overwrites the main body of the file (not the header lines), so that you loose all comments added inside the scripts, and all the advanced parameters not handled by the GUI are set to their default values. You need to be careful when saving your project/machine to avoid losing data. Note that loading and saving a old project or machine file also updates all the input variable description to match the ones of the current default project and machine.

Common use

To conclude, you should use the GUI in these three main ways:

  • Creating a new project / machine from scratch
  • Visualizing an existing project/machine
  • Updating old project/machine by load/save
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