What input data do I need to set-up a MANATEE electromagnetic and vibroacoustic simulation?

To set-up a full simulation project for the calculation of noise and vibration due to electromagnetic forces in MANATEE you will need the following data:

  • Stator and rotor lamination sheet drawings
  • Skewing properties and ventilation duct geometry
  • Lamination and magnet B(H) curves at nominal frequency
  • Winding diagrams and wire dimensions
  • End-wind geometry and winding average mean turn length
  • Bill of materials (to check the mass of the different components for the natural frequencies calculation)
  • Rotor and stator winding operating temperatures
  • Variable speed control strategy (PWM type, control type, torque/speed curve)

If the equivalent circuit of MANATEE is not used you might need additionnally the single phase equivalent circuit parameters of your machine.

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