How to use Load Extrapolation Algorithm (LEA)?


This article presents how to use the Load Extrapolation Algorithm (LEA) in a MANATEE simulation to speed-up calculation of electromagnetic loads at variable speed, in particular for early design stages.

Electromagnetic loads are computed from one single simulation and extrapolated to the full speed range, hence only vibroacoustic calculations are repeated at each different speed.

GUI implementation


Scripting implementation

Variable speed calculation based on Load Extrapolation Algorithm is activated in MANATEE with


The total number of speed steps to use is specified by


Contrary to speed by speed calculations, a high number of speeds can be used as the computation time is very low when using analytical vibroacoustic models such as in early design stages.

Plot commands

All the standard variable speed command lines starting with plot_VS are available in the Load Extrapolation mode:

Validation cases

The following validation cases favorably compares the Load Extrapolation Algorithm with speed by speed full NVH calculations:

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