How to setup the mechanical boundary conditions?

For the mechanical model (analytical or based on GetDP finite element software), you can select your boundary conditions for both machine ends in 3 options :

  • Free (0)
  • Clamped (1)
  • Simply supported (2)

To set the boundary condition you have to concatenate the two corresponding digits and edit your project file :

Input.Simu.type_mechBC = 12;

In this example "12" means that one end is "clamped" (1) and the other one is "Simply supported" (2). Note that Manatee consider that, for instance, 12 is the same boundary condition as 21.

These boundary conditions are used for the FEM computation of natural frequencies (with GetDP) and FRF calculations. The analytical model of natural frequencies also include the effect of boundary conditions.

For now Manatee is not able to handle "simply-supported" condition in GetDP simulation (Input.Simu.type_mech_model = 1).

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