How to import a voltage or current waveform?

MANATEE software can run the NVH analysis of e-motors based on user-defined voltage or current waveforms. This is especially useful when enforcing non sinusoidal currents coming from experiments or third party electromagnetic software. To import a time waveform of phase current (resp. phase to neutral voltage), one should respectively set the following MANATEE input variables are

Input.Simu.type_extsupply = 2; %current

for current waveform import or

Input.Simu.type_extsupply = 3;%voltage

for voltage waveform import. The path of the time waveform data should be specified for instance as

Input.Simu.pathname_supply = 'C:/User/Data/voltage.txt';

The .txt ASCII file should be a [nt, qs+1] table with nt lines for each time step, a first column with time vector in seconds and the last columns for the qs phase values. The data files must be placed in a folder which is in your Matlab path (e.g. in your MachineData/MyMachines folder).

Make sure to truncate the waveform if necessary to make it periodic, and to make the final current/voltage waveform time match with the final simulation time given by (assuming no time periodicities):

T_{f}= \frac{N_{rev}p}{(1-s)f_{s}

where Nrev is the number of mechanical revolutions given in Input.Simu.Nrev, p is the number of pole pairs given in Input.Magnetics.p, s is the slip given in Output.Electrical.slip0 (for induction motors) and fs is the fundamental electrical frequency from Output.Electrical.freq0.