How to further reduce calculation time using flux lookup tables?


This article shows how to speed-up MANATEE software electromagnetic calculations in case of stepped-skew or variable speed condition of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines.

The idea consists in building a flux distribution lookup table for different Id/Iq combination and interpolating this table when flux distribution is needed, in particular during variable speed operation or skewed operation. The calculation of the flux at different slices in case of skew can be indeed interpreted as a local change of current angle and time reference.

The flux lookup table is saved in Results folder under the name [machine_name,’_FluxTableIdIq.mat’].

Note that the flux lookup table can be built with third party electromagnetic software as long as the following format is respected. The .mat file should contain

  • Id vector of Id current of size [1 ,nid]
  • Iq vector of Iq current of size [1 ,niq]
  • FluxTableIdIq matrix of complex (radial + 1j*tangential) flux waveform of size [nid,niq,nt,na]

GUI implementation

To be completed

Scripting implementation

The flux table is built when specifying Input.Simu.is_build_flux_table = 1; In this case the flux table is built, saved and loaded each time the airgap flux needs to be calculated. To avoid loading the flux table when available and enforcing the build of the table one can use Input.Simu.is_build_flux_table = 2;

See also

Validation cases ALG_027, ALG_028, ALG_029, ALG_031, ALG_032, ALG_033 deal with the validation of the flux lookup table.

The skew optimization environment of MANATEE uses the flux lookup table feature.

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