How to create a new machine?

The machine design is made through the Input structure. It contains all the needed parameters for MANATEE to simulate your machine. The list of all the variable to set in the structure are in "machine files" that are stored in MachineData folder. These files are simply script that set one by one all the "machine variable" of the Input structure (dimension, slot, winding, magnet etc).

A new machine script may not contain all the input variables. If some variables are missing, they will be set to their default values (these values can be found in default_machine.m). In fact, MANATEE evaluates the script default_machine (to set all the variable to default value) before evaluating the current machine script (to overwrite the corresponding variables).

To create a new machine one need to copy and paste a machine file and edit it’s content. The name of your machine script should not contain any space nor the symbol “–“. This name need also to be unique in your Matlab Path to avoid conflict. Several machine files can be used as template :

  • default_machine.m : contains all the variables.
  • Validation machines : In /MachineData/Validation one can find the machine used to validate MANATEE. Most of these machines can be found in article and in the Validation section
  • Tutorial machines : In /Machines/Demo, one can find all the tutorial machines

You can also use MANATEE GUI to setup the machine.

To know how to set the variable in the file, one can use the documentation (directly in the machine file comments or in the Doc folder) that associate variable name to definition (ex : Zs => Number of stator slot). One can also use the search engine of this website.

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