How to carry an automated e-NVH harmonic analysis?


This article shows how to use MANATEE software specialized in electric motor noise simulation to easily analyze the impact of harmonic sources (both in time and space).


In electrical machines, electromagnetic excitation harmonics come for rotor and stator field harmonics, which in turn are related to permeance and magnetomotive force harmonics. Using MANATEE fast magnetic models, these different quantities can be developped in Fourier domain and filtered to quickly analyze their impact on vibration and noise levels. In particular, time harmonics due to PWM or space harmonics due to concentrated winding can be cancelled to evaluate their effect on e-NVH.

A series of combinatorial simulations is run switching on and off the following harmonic sources:

GUI implementation


Scripting implementation

To run such an automated harmonic analysis, the following simulation input parameter should be activated before running MANATEE

Input.Simu.type_harm_analysis = 1;

As for optimization or parameter sweep, the output variable to be observed during the harmonic analysis can be defined with:


After a MANATEE simulation, the analysis can be run manually with the following command line


The following results are then output:

Correlation matrix beetween objectives and variables
Correlation matrix beetween objectives and variables
Effect of harmonic source extinction
Effect of harmonic source extinction

Plot commands


Validation cases


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