MANATEE for research purposes

MANATEE software can be efficiently used to carry a research work in electrical engineering:

  • its Matlab scripts can be coupled to your own scripts
  • its fast electromagnetic and vibroacoustic models allow to quickly iterate to find innovative topologies
  • all post processing are already available so that you spend less time programming, more time doing R&D
  • its multiphysics models allow to study interactions between electromagnetics, heat transfer and vibroacoustics without having to couple different software
MANATEE workflow
MANATEE workflow

A part of MANATEE scripts are already uncrypted (e.g. post processing, validation cases, tutorials), they can be opened, read and modified to help you programming your own scripts. If necessary, EOMYS can sell a special open MANATEE licenses where more scripts can be read and modified.

MANATEE can also be coupled to some electromagnetic commercial software such as Flux, Jmag, Opera, Magnet and coupled to some structural commerical software such as Ansys, Optistruct.

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