Summary No load FEMM versus hybrid permeance/mmf model
Topology WRSM
Models Hybrid Permeance/mmf electromagnetic model
Outputs Radial airgap flux density
Geometry Salient pole synchronous machine
Winding Distributed winding


MANATEE model for WRSM_001
MANATEE model for WRSM_001


Radial airgap flux (Femm vs Permeance/mmf)
Radial airgap flux (Femm vs Permeance/mmf)

One can see that the radial flux density is better calculated using this hybrid permeance/mmf model (calculation of mmf using FEMM) compared to EM_WRSM_NL_004 case (no coupling with FEMM). The permeance calculation can be further improved using automated coupling with FEMM, see validation case EM_WRSM_NL_003.

Application to e-NVH

MANATEE software can quickly calculate electromagnetic noise and vibrations of wound rotor synchronous machines using this type of fast electromagnetic models.