Validation objective
Topology SPMSM
Model Types Subdomain model
Quantities Cogging Torque
Geometry internal rotor
Winding single layer "concentrated" winding


This validation simulates the effect of stepped-rotor skew on cogging torque of Surface Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine as done in the article : Z.Q. Zhu ; S. Ruangsinchaiwanich ; D. Ishak ; D. Howe, "Analysis of cogging torque in brushless Machines having nonuniformly distributed stator slots and stepped rotor magnets," IEEE Transactions on Magnetics ( Volume: 41, Issue: 10, Oct. 2005 )


Manatee model for machine SPMSM_006
Manatee model for machine SPMSM_006


The results of the article show that the optimal skew of the 2-step skew rotor is 3° (0.1 stator slot pitch):

PNG - 52.9 kb

One can find the same results in a few seconds of calculations with MANATEE software:

Cogging Torque as a function of rotor skew rate
Cogging Torque as a function of rotor skew rate

This validates the multi-slice subdomain model of MANATEE software for the fast calculate of 3D magnetic forces responsible for noise & vibration in electric motors.

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