Topology SPMSM
Model Types Electromagnetic non-linear magnetostatic FEM EM3.PMSM
subdomain model EM2.SPMSM
Quantities Radial & tangential airgap flux
Geometry External rotor
Winding single layer "concentrated" winding


This validation case deals with the calculation of the airgap flux on a concentrated winding, outer rotor, multipole PMSM for wind turbine application at full load.


Machine SPMSM_017 Topology
Machine SPMSM_017 Topology


Radial and tangential airgap flux comparison (FEMM vs subdomain)
Radial and tangential airgap flux comparison (FEMM vs subdomain)

One can see that the airgap field calculated using optimized subdomain modeling technique in a negligible computing time (a fraction of second for the full time and space distribution of flux density) compares very well with finite element results obtained with FEMM.

MANATEE software can therefore be used to speed up the design optimization of low-speed direct-drive permanent magnet generators, including the assessment of their noise and vibration behaviour under electromagnetic excitations.