Summary Flux density comparing WFM (FEMM calculated rmmf), SDM and FEMM with different skew model
Topology IPMSM
Model Types Permeance / mmf electromagnetic model EM1.SPMSM
Electromagnetic subdomain model EM2.SPMSM
Electromagnetic non-linear magnetostatic FEM EM3.PMSM
Outputs Airgap Flux density
Geometry V-shaped interior permanent magnet synchronous machine
Flux concentration lamination
Winding Double Layer Distributed
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MANATEE model for BPMSM_004
MANATEE model for BPMSM_004


MANATEE electromagnetic model comparison
MANATEE electromagnetic model comparison

PMMF, SDM and FEMM results are in agreement. Both PMMF and SDM are used in hybrid mode (computation of the rotor magnetomotive force using a single non linear magnetostatic calculation accouting for rotor saturation).

One can see that the hybrid SDM model gives results close to FEMM while reducing significantly the computing time of the airgap flux distribution, which makes it a good model for fast NVH calculation of electric motors in early electromagnetic desin phase.

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