Validation objective
Topology IPMSM
Model Types Permeance / mmf electromagnetic model EM1.SPMSM
Analytical structural model SM.ANL
Analytical acoustic model AC1
Quantities Sound pressure level at 1 m in dBA
Geometry V-shaped interior permanent magnet synchronous machine
Winding Fractional-slot winding

The aim of this validation case is to apply the automated harmonic analysis feature of MANATEE on a surface permanent magnet synchronous machine.


The geometry of IPMSM_001 is confidential, it is a Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine with 18 slot type 23 for the stator and 8 poles (slot type 50) for the rotor.


Harmonic analysis on an interior magnet machine
Harmonic analysis on an interior magnet machine

One can see that the first resonance is due to the magnet only, but that the second one is due to an interaction between armature field harmonics and stator slots. The first resonance at open circuit is due to a radial force wave of wavenumber GCD(Zs,2p)=GCD(18,8)=2 exciting the elliptical mode of the stator. The second resonance at partial load is due to a subharmonic mmf of wavenumber 2 which also excites the elliptical mode of the stator stack.

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