Topology Wound Rotor Synchronous Machine (WRSM)
Model Types Permeance / mmf electromagnetic model EM1.WRSM
Analytical structural model [SM.ANL
Analytical acoustic model AC1
Quantities Sound pressure level during run-up (SPL)
Geometry Salient pole including damper bars
Winding Fractional slot winding

The aim of this validation case is to compare MANATEE results (obtained in a few seconds of computation with permeance/mmf model) with experimental tests obtained on a salient pole synchronous generator for hydroelectric application.


The studied machine is a hydro generator with p=22 pole pairs and Zs=330 stator slots.


An open circuit (no stator current) run-up is done with constant rotor excitation current from 100 to 155 rpm. MANATEE electromagnetic and vibroacoustic calculations are run in a few seconds and show two resonances close to 122 rpm and 139 rpm with a stator lamination mode (22,0) at 700 Hz.

PNG - 24.8 kb

Experimental results agree well with simulation results as shown in the next graph:

PNG - 105.2 kb

The sound pressure level obtained with MANATEE at resonance is 81 dBA with a default damping of 2% and a room constant of 20m2 to account for reverberant acoustic field. Experiments give a maximum noise of 82 dBA at resonance.

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