Winding harmonic vibro-acoustic effects with permeance / mmf model

As previously mentioned, the theoretical analysis of main exciting forces frequencies and wavenumbers does not include the winding space harmonics. To assess their effect on the magnetic audible noise, one can put Input.Simu.is_ideal_mmfs=1 in a new project tuto_test_SCIM_02.m, which results in sinusoidal winding functions. In the GUI, is_ideal_mmfs is in Magnetics/Assumption


One can check that the mmf is sinusoidal with plot_smmf_space

Sinusoidal mmf
Sinusoidal mmf

The SPL level at variable speed hasn’t changed, which shows that the winding has no influence on the acoustic noise in that case (plot_VS_ASPL_overall).

90. Variable speed SPL
Variable speed SPL
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