Variable-speed constant flux no-load sinusoidal vibro-acoustic simulation with permeance / mmf model

The aim of this variable speed simulation is to impose a constant flux level (constant torque) below the field weakening frequency and to reduce the flux level at higher speed (constant power). This is a typical control law for traction applications. In the current project, the slip is kept to zero so the power and torque are not meaningful but the resulting vibration and noise level can reproduce the load operation behaviour if the right flux level is imposed. The flux level that is imposed is calculated with the nominal single speed parameters U0, N0, slip.

A new project is set-up in tuto_test_SCIM_15 by copy/paste tuto_test_SCIM_01 (or by loading it with the GUI). The variable speed operation is activated by specifying:
Input.Simu.type_varspeed=2;%2 to run a speed by speed simulation

The speed range and number of speeds are defined as

Input.Simu.N0_min=500;% min rotation speed [rpm]
Input.Simu.N0_max=5000; % max rotation speed [rpm]
Input.Simu.Nspeeds=10;% number of different rotating speeds
                      % from N0_min to N0_max

The following parameters are modified in order to impose a specific current Vs speed curve at variable speed:

Input.Simu.type_control = 1;

Note that the input parameter Input.Simu.type_extsupply should be left to 0 as it only deals with the single speed simulation control.

The field weakening frequency specified in the simulation input as

Input.Simu.freq_mains = 125;

With the GUI, all these parameters are gathered in Workflow/Variable Speed:

130. Variable speed simulation setup with the GUI (constant flux)
Variable speed simulation setup with the GUI (constant flux)

You need to select "variable speed simulation" to enter the control law. The corresponding one is "Constant flux curve". You can leave the default values for EFmax and Umax.

Result interpretation

The first simulation is a single speed simulation, one can notice the calculated flux level E/F: 2.7222 V/Hz
At the end of the variable speed simulation one can plot the flux, phase voltage and current evolution with speed using

>> run_MANATEE('tuto_test_SCIM_15')
>> plot_VS_var('EsF0')
>> plot_VS_var('I10rms')
>> plot_VS_var('U0rms')
150. Evolution of EsF0
Evolution of EsF0
150. Evolution of I10rms
Evolution of I10rms
150. Evolution of U0rms
Evolution of U0rms

One can notice that the constant flux level of 2.7 V/Hz is fulfilled up to field weakening speed.

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