Rotor Setup

Rotor Core Geometry

The rotor lamination is defined with the following parameters:

Core parameters
DescriptionValueScript syntax
Rotor length (without airducts) 350 mm Input.Geometry.Lst2= 350e-3
Stacking factor 95% Input.Geometry.Kst2=0.95
Material M400-50A Input.Material.mat_lam2=’M400-50A’
Skew No Input.Geometry.skew_rater=0
Radial ventilation ducts No Input.Thermics.Nrvdr=0
Step 9: Rotor Lamination
Step 9: Rotor Lamination

Axial Ventilation Ducts

To set the Axial Ventilation Ducts with the GUI one must check the "Axial Ventilation Ducts" box and click on the button "set axial ducts". MANATEE can handle several sets of axial ventilation ducts. In this case, there is only one set composed of 8 circular ventilations ducts. According to the schematics, the corresponding parameters are :

Ventilation parameters
DescriptionValueMANATEE Parameter
Type of ventilation ducts 0 Input.Thermics.type_axial_ductr=0
Number of ducts by set 8 Input.Thermics.Navdr = [8]
Radius of the center of the ducts by set 70e-3 Input.Thermics.Havdr = [70e-3]
Ducts diameters by set 20e-3 Input.Thermics.Davdr = [20e-3]
Step 9: Rotor ventilation ducts setup and preview
Step 9: Rotor ventilation ducts setup and preview

Rotor slot

The slot shape 21 is selected following MANATEE slot schematics.

Slot Parameters
DescriptionValueMANATEE Parameter
Slot shape 21 Input.Geometry.type_slot_shapes = 21
Number of rotor slots 28 Input.Geometry.Zr = 28
Slot opening width 3 mm Input.Geometry.W0r = 3e-3
Slot bottom width 13 mm Input.Geometry.W1r = 13e-3
Slot top width 10 mm Input.Geometry.W2r = 10e-3
Slot isthmus height 3 mm Input.Geometry.H0r = 3e-3
Intermediate height 0 mm Input.Geometry.H1s = [0 0]
Slot depth 20 mm Input.Geometry.H2r = 20e-3
Step 10: Rotor Slot
Step 10: Rotor Slot
Rotor slot preview
Rotor slot preview

Squirrel Cage

Squirrel Cage Parameters
DescriptionValueMANATEE Parameter
Bar shape Rectangular Input.Magnetics.type_conductor2=0
Bar height 20 mm Input.Geometry.Hwire2 = 20e-3
Bar width 10 mm Input.Geometry.Wwire2 = 10e-3
Short circuit ring section radial height 20 mm Input.Geometry.Hscr = 20e-3
Short circuit ring section axial length 10 mm Input.Geometry.Lscr = 15e-3
Length of rotor bars out of rotor stack 17 mm Input.Geometry.Lrewout = 17e-3
Step 11: Rotor Bar
Step 11: Rotor Bar

In the script you will also need to short circuit the winding with:


Finally in the GUI, one can preview the complete machine with the preview button at the bottom of the last step (11: Rotor bar):

Machine final preview
Machine final preview
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