Result interpretation : Basic Plot commands

A lot of graphical post-processings are already defined within MANATEE. All of them are listed in the plot_all.m script. Only part of them is reviewed in this chapter, please refer to plot commands documentation for their complete description or run the plot_all script (requires a lot of graphical memory at up to 100 graphs can appear).

As the standard outputs of MANATEE are the structures Input and Output, most of the plot functions look like "plot_something(Input,Output)".
To make it easier to use them, they have been scripted to use the default Input and Output structure of the workspace so that you can simply call them by typing "plot_something" in the command line.

One first important graph to plot is the geometry with plot_machine :

70. plot_machine

Note that it is a 3D graph. It can be used to check if the geometry has been correctly defined.

The winding pattern can be plotted with plot_wind :

Example of an AC winding distribution (MANATEE output)
Example of an AC winding distribution (MANATEE output)

The upper graph show the coils phase number and the direction of the current (+ towards you, x opposite to you) in each slot along the airgap, in anti-clockwise direction. All the angular graph are plotted in trigonometric direction. The period of the winding is automatically calculated. One can notice the coil pitch of 5 slots.

The lower graph shows the winding functions with linear increase in the slots, and the results total magnetomotive force.

For a better overview of the stator mmf one can use plot_smmf_space

Stator magnetomotive force over space
Stator magnetomotive force over space

This graph allows to quantify the harmonic content of the stator mmf. One can find that the main space harmonic is 3 (red bar), which corresponds to the pole pair number. Due to the winding discretization in the stator slots some additional space harmonics of wavenumbers Zs-p=33 and Zs+p=39 are present.

Note that all the Fourier transforms along the airgap angle are given by default in spatial frequencies, not in pole pair numbers. To change that in « space orders » (1 for one pole pair) one can set Input.Plot.is_spatial_order=1

70. plot_smmf_space in space order
plot_smmf_space in space order

Similarly, all graphs involving frequencies can be displayed at a function of the electrical order, i.e. the proportionality coefficient with the fundamental electrical frequency.
As an example the time evolution of the stator current linkage is given by plot_smmf_time

70. plot_smmf_time in frequency
plot_smmf_time in frequency

One can see that it is purely sinusoidal as there is no converter harmonics. The fundamental is at 60 Hz. To change to electrical order one can set Input.Plot.type_electrical_order = 1

70. plot_smmf_time in electrical order
plot_smmf_time in electrical order
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