Meshing and result display under Gmsh

The FEA natural frequencies calculation creates a .geo file and a .msh file corresponding to geometry and meshing files of the machine under Gmsh. The names of these files can be changed with the input:


In the GUI, this parameter is in Mechanical\Output. In the following paragraph, it is assumed that the name of Gmsh/GetDP file is ’stator’.

Meshing display under Gmsh

You can now visualize machine’s mesh by executing Gmsh in the folder Mechanics/Gmsh/bin:

Gmsh folder localisation
Gmsh folder localisation

In Gmsh environment, click on File -> Open -> /Mechanics/Gmsh

  • stator.geo: to see your stator geometry
  • stator.msh: to see your stator meshing
Gmsh Geometry and mesh visualization
Gmsh Geometry and mesh visualization
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