Calculation of natural frequencies with structural FEA (GetDP)

To set-up the computation of natural frequencies with GetDp, the following parameter is modified:

Input.Simu.type_natfreq = 1;

The analytical calculation of natural frequencies is still done, but additionally they are calculated using the open source finite element solver GetDP. The machine is automatically meshed and the eigen values are solved with the equivalent material parameters specified in the machine data file, the winding weight calculated in the analytical model, and with the boundary conditions specified in the simulation project.

After the calculation, if Input.Simu.is_GetDP_GUI = 1, an interface pops-up to allow you to visualize the modal deflection shapes, and confirm the pure circumferential modes you select to run vibroacoustic simulations:

Modal Deflection Shapes
Modal Deflection Shapes

Inside the GUI, the corresponding parameters are available in Mechanical\Method.

270. Mechanical model setup with the GUI
Mechanical model setup with the GUI
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