Stator lamination


Here is a summary of the Prius 2004 IPMSM stator input parameters. "Script syntax" means how to set dimensions in scripting mode. In GUI mode the same variables names are used, for example gap stands for the airgap width. Note that MANATEE assumes that the airgap is the minimum distance between rotor and stator magnetic sheets, so it is not the distance from top magnet to lamination bore radius in surface permanent magnet machines.

Overall dimensions
DescriptionValueScript syntax
Stator outer diameter 269.24 mm Input.Geometry.Dsy=269.24e-3
Stator inner diameter 161.9 mm Input.Geometry.Dsbo=161.9e-3
Airgap width 0.75 mm
Rotor back yoke diameter
(shaft diameter)
110.64 mm Input.Geometry.Dry=110.64e-3
Stator core parameters
DescriptionValueScript syntax
Stator length (without airducts) 83.82 mm Input.Geometry.Lst1=83.82e-3
Stacking factor 95% Input.Geometry.Kst1=0.95
Skew No Input.Geometry.skew_rates=0
Radial ventilation ducts No Input.Thermics.Nrvds=0
Axial ventilation ducts No Input.Thermics.Navds=[0]
Material M400-50A Input.Material.mat_lam1=’M400-50A’
Stator slot parameters
DescriptionValueScript syntax
Number of slot 48 Input.Geometry.Zs=48
Slot shape 11 Input.Geometry.type_slot_shapes = 11
Slot isthmus height 1 mm Input.Geometry.H0s = 1e-3
Wedge height 0 mm Input.Geometry.H1s = 0
Slot height 33.3 mm Input.Geometry.H2s = 33.3e-3
Slot opening width 1.93 mm Input.Geometry.W0s = 1.93e-3
Wedge width 5 mm Input.Geometry.W1s = 5e-3
Slot bottom width 8 mm Input.Geometry.W2s = 8e-3
Slot bottom radius 4 mm Input.Geometry.R1s = 4e-3

GUI implementation

Overall dimensions

Firstly, the overall lamination dimensions have to be input:

Step 2: Machine Dimensions
Step 2: Machine Dimensions

Contrary to the scripting method, there is only one method available to define laminations: the inner and outer diameters of the stator and rotor laminations are needed and the airgap width is computed accordingly.

Stator core

Secondly, the stator core dimensions have to be input:

Step 3: Stator Lamination
Step 3: Stator Lamination

The stator lamination material must be chosen as ’M400-50A’in the material library.

Stator slots

Finally, the slot shape 11 is selected following MANATEE slot schematics.

Step 4: Stator Slot
Step 4: Stator Slot

One can verify that slot and lamination definitions are correct by checking the outputs (surface, tooth width...) or by clicking on "Preview". Note that the output values and the Preview are available only if the slot is correct. Otherwise, by clicking on "Next" an error message should explain what is wrong with your slot.

Stator Slot preview
Stator Slot preview

Scripting implementation

In scripting mode you can modify all the lines of the script machine_IPMSM_A_test.m with the values specified at the beginning of this article. You can use the "Go To" feature of Matlab GUI to navigate more quickly in the script sections.

Overall dimensions

Contrary to GUI mode, there are several ways to define the stator dimensions to be able to run sensitivity study or optimization on yoke height or diameters. The laminations can either be defined:

  • using the external diameter Dsy and the yoke height Hsy (the inner diameter being deduced from the slot geometry)
  • using the external diameter Dsy and the inner diameter Dsbo (the equivalent yoke height being deduced from the slot geometry).

The machine is by default built from stator outer diameter to rotor inner diameter. To specify the overall dimensions in scripting mode, simply edit change the values of machine_IPMSM_A_test.m with the ones presented in the table "Overall dimensions’).

Stator core

The lamination material is set by Input.Material.mat_lam1 = ’M400-50A’. All the material parameters are loaded from the material library. In scripting mode, new materials can be defined directly by editing the script init_material_library.m as shown in the article on the material library.

The B(H) curve must be defined in a .txt file (M400-50AJ.txt) in the MaterialData folder. A specific article deals with how to define a new B(H) curve. Some post-processings (e.g. plot_BH function) allow to check the B(H) curves after calculation.

To specify the stator core dimensions in scripting mode, simply edit change the values of machine_IPMSM_A_test.m with the ones presented in the table "Stator core parameters".

Stator slot

To choose the slot type in scripting mode it is recommended to browse the slot library. Generally Input.Geometry.W0s always stands for the stator slot opening width, while Input.Geometry.H0s stands for stator slot isthmus height.

Depending on the slot type, some slot geometrical parameters may be defined as a vector of 2 elements, where the second element indicates whether the unit is in meter (0) or in radian (1). This is the case of H1 in the current slot type, which can be defined as a height in m or an angle in radian.

To specify the stator slot dimensions in scripting mode, simply edit change the values of machine_IPMSM_A_test.m with the ones presented in the table "Stator slot parameters".

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