Variable-speed open circuit vibro-acoustic simulation with permeance / mmf model (reluctance model for rotor mmf)

The set-up of the single speed simulation at no-load of the interior permanent magnet machine is presented at the beginning of the tutorial, the corresponding simulation project is tuto_IPMSM_01. The permeance / mmf electromagnetic model is defined using

Input.Simu.type_Bmodel =  0;

The electromagnetic model is based on a reluctance network model for the rotor mmf. It only accounts for radial flux density component. As some parts of the rotor with interior magnets are highly saturated it is advised to use a hybrid model which calculates the rotor mmf using the automated coupling of MANATEE with FEMM. This is explained in the next tutorial.

The variable speed calculation is carried using the Load Extrapolation Algorithm. The electromagnetic and vibroacoustic simulation takes a couple of seconds when going from 500 to 6500 rpm with 200 different speeds.

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