Rotor lamination and magnets


Here is a summary of the Prius 2004 IPMSM rotor input parameters. "Script syntax" means how to set dimensions in scripting mode. In GUI mode the same variables names are used. Note that the term "slot" is used to define a 2d lamination hole which can be opened or closed, used for armature winding, interior magnets or flux barriers. This means that the height and width of an interior magnet can be frozen by some of the rotor slot geometrical parameters.

Rotor core parameters
DescriptionValueScript syntax
Rotor length (without airducts) 83.82 mm Input.Geometry.Lst2=83.82e-3
Stacking factor 95% Input.Geometry.Kst2=0.95
Skew No Input.Geometry.skew_rater=0
Radial ventilation ducts No Input.Thermics.Nrvdr=0
Axial ventilation ducts No Input.Thermics.Navdr=[0]
Material M400-50A Input.Material.mat_lam2=’M400-50A’
Rotor slot / magnet parameters
DescriptionValueMANATEE Parameter
Slot type 50 Input.Geometry.type_slot_shaper = 50
Slot depth 10.96 mm Input.Geometry.H0r = 10.96e-3
Distance from bore radius 1.5 mm Input.Geometry.H1r = 1.5e-3
Additional depth for the magnet 1 mm Input.Geometry.H2r = 1e-3
Magnet height 6.5 mm Input.Geometry.H3r = 6.5e-3
Slot opening 42 mm Input.Geometry.W0r = 42e-3
Bottom bridge thickness 0 mm Input.Geometry.W1r = 1e-6
Distance from magnet to central bridge 0 mm Input.Geometry.W2r = 0
Top bridge thickness 14 mm Input.Geometry.W3r = 14e-3
Magnet width 18.9 mm Input.Geometry.W4r = 18.9e-3
Magnet material Magnet_prius Input.Material.mat_mag =’Magnet_prius’

GUI implementation

Rotor core

To define the rotor geometry simply follow the next steps:

Step 9: Rotor Lamination
Step 9: Rotor Lamination

The rotor lamination material must be chosen as ’M400-50A’ in the material library.

Rotor slot / magnet

The magnet shape (V-shape, U-shape, etc) is selected following MANATEE slot schematics. For V-shape case one must use the slot type 50 with:

Step 10: Rotor Slot
Step 10: Rotor Slot

The magnet material is defined as ’Magnet_prius’ in the material library. When editing the magnet material one can see that its remanent flux at 20°C is Brm20 = 1.24 T.

Finally in the GUI, one can preview the complete machine (with the preview button at the bottom of the last step):

Machine final preview
Machine final preview

Click on save and close at the end of the process. The new machine script is now stored in MachineData folder for later use within a simulation project.

Scripting implementation

In scripting mode you can modify all the lines of the script machine_IPMSM_A_test.m with the values specified at the beginning of this article. You can use the "Go To" feature of Matlab GUI to navigate more quickly in the script sections.

Note that in scripting mode, new materials can be defined directly by editing the script init_material_library.m as shown in the article on the material library.

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