Definition of the electrical machine


To run a MANATEE electromagnetic or vibroacoustic simulation, we first need to define an electrical machine and a simulation project. The same machine and simulation files are nearly used all along this tutorial. In fact, each new tutorial step relies on slight modification of machine or simulation files to highlight a specific MANATEE feature. This article demonstrates how to define a new electrical machine using either MANATEE GUI using Matlab scripting mode. Both ways lead to the creation of a script defining a machine or simulation object.

The new electrical machine is named machine_IPMSM_A_test to avoid confusion with the machine_IPMSM_A machine provided in MANATEE demo version. All MANATEE inputs and outputs are expressed in the International Unit System (m, kg, etc).

GUI implementation

To create a new interior magnet synchronous machine topology with the GUI you need to click on "new machine" in the simulation GUI:

GUI main window buttons
GUI main window buttons

Then you can select the machine topology "IPMSM" (like Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) and set the number of pole pairs to 4 (click on the image to zoom):

Step 1: Machine Type
Step 1: Machine Type

You can now access to the step 2 "Machine Dimensions" by clicking Next.

Scripting implementation

To create a new machine, a new file (named machine_IPMSM_A_test.m for instance) has to be created inside the MachineData folder (for instance in MyMachines subfolder). Instead of creating an empty script, you can copy the default_machine.m script that containes every machine input variable with its description and unit.

You don’t need to review all the input variables of the machine file. In particular, the variables whose description starts with "advanced" should only be accessed for research purposes. To ease navigation through the different types of input variables (Stator core, Rotor core etc) you can use the "GoTo" feature of Matlab GUI:

Illustration of Matlab GoTo feature in MANATEE default electrical machine
Illustration of Matlab GoTo feature in MANATEE default electrical machine

To define the electrical machine of the tutorial, only some specific parameters are updated. The corresponding Matlab code to choose the machine topology and the number of pole pairs consists in updating the following inputs:

Input.Magnetics.type_machine = 8;
Input.Magnetics.p = 4;