5D design visualization tool (plot_MS_viewer)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_MS_viewer
Module MS.pp
Description PLOT_MS_viewer open a GUI to explore the multisimulation data


multisim viewer
multisim viewer

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This command encapsulates another one named multisim_viewer that opens the GUI multisim_viewer with the corresponding multi-simulation parameters. The multisim_viewer command takes 3 input parameters :

  • names: a cell array with the names of input and output
  • Xconf: Matrix in which each row correspond to a design, each column to an input or output parameter (same order as in name).
  • F: user-defined boolean array to filter the data (length(F) = number of design)

plot_MS_viewer use the correspond values for these parameters :

  • names = {Input.Simu.names_var{:} Input.Simu.names_resp{:}}
  • Xconf = Output.MultSim.Xconf
  • F = Output.MultSim.is_feasible(:)’
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