Tangential force harmonics spatiogram (plot_VS_Ft_spatiogram)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_VS_Ft_spatiogram
Module VS.pp
Description PLOT_VS_FT_SPATIOGRAM draws the spectrogram of tangential force harmonics for each wavenumber
See also plot_VS_Ft_spectrogram_order, plot_VS_Fr_spatiogram


This unique MANATEE software post processing draws the spectrogram of magnetic tangential force harmonics of all wavenumbers r using same color scale:

Radial force harmonics spectrogram
Radial force harmonics spectrogram

Note that you can change some plot options of all default MANATEE post processings (e.g. axis limits, colormaps).

This graph can be used to confirm our understanding of the origin of electromagnetic noise and vibration in electric motors.

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