Magnetic lumped forces per tooth at given frequency / wavenumber (plot_Fteeth_machine_fft2)

Post-processing documentation
Matlab commandplot_Fteeth_machine_fft2
Module SM.pp
Description PLOT_FTEETH_MACHINE_FFT2 plots the radial, tangential and combined magnetic lumped forces per stator tooth obtained with Maxwell Tensor at a given frequency freq and wavenumber r
  • f : Frequency to plot [Hz]
  • r : Wavenumber to plot
See also plot_Fteeth_machine_fft, plot_Fteeth_machine_time


Magnetic forces per tooth at f=120 Hz and r=6
Magnetic forces per tooth at f=120 Hz and r=6

The visualization of the magnetic force vector per tooth allows to estimate the relative effect of tangential and radial forces. The specified wavenumber r can be positive or negative to account for different force wave propagation directions. The magnitude of the force vector can be normalized to a fixed value Fref0 (for instance 10 N) using (cf plot_init)

Input.Plot.is_autoscale = 0;
Input.Plot.Fref0 = 10;

This allows to compare different force waves on different graphs. To automatically normalize the magnitude of the force vectors on the graphs one must keep

Input.Plot.is_autoscale = 1;

Version compatibility

plot_Feeth_machine_fft has been renamed to plot_Fteeth_machine_fft2 in MANATEE 1.06.06. plot_Fmag_teeth_fft has been renamed to plot_Fteeth_machine_fft in MANATEE 1.06.05

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